Gladiolus Bulbs

Originally called the sword lily, Gladiolus feature tall stalks of radiant-hued blooms from late spring to late summer.

Gladiolus Can't get enough of planting bulbs? Feeling nostalgic for those sunny fall afternoons when you planted upwards of 100 daffodils in your lawn? Then you'll be glad to hear that bulb planting is not confined to October.

Gladiolus As soon as the last danger of winter frost is over, eager gardeners everywhere will be rushing out with their sacks of gladiolus bulbs. And, if you had luck with your daffodils, you can succeed with glads, too.

Pinks, whites, reds, apricots, purples, yellows, and even greens are available to the glad glad grower. Mid-green sword-like foliage completes the picture. Sizes vary from a miniature (under two feet) to five foot giants that tower boldly in the landscape. Most Gladiolus require some staking because of their height. Whether you use wire frames, bamboo stakes, or sticks from a backyard tree, a little attention will give them what they need.

Sound like too much trouble? Then try planting your Gladilous bulbs amid a hardy perennial border. They can lean a bit on tea trees, rose bushes, etc. Like many bulbs, there are varieties of gladiolus that bloom early, mid-season, or late. If you go to a good nursery, they should be able to help you plan a succession of blooms. Gladiolus tend to look best when planted in bunches. Dig a little trench twice as deep as the bulb is wide. Don't plant Gladiolus bulbs in a row! That looks silly. They are much better spiking up as natural surprises around the garden.

Because of the stunning range of colours, you can come up with some truly effective bulb/perennial combination plantings. Think of red Gladiolus with white viburnum, pink ones in front of a lavender clematis vine. You take it from there! Just make sure you plant them in well-drained soil and partial to full sun. Now you are ready for Gladiolus fun!

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