Daylily Nursery and Daylily Farm Review

Has your summer garden become a little boring? Not enough time to do a lot of maintenance? The perfect solution for filling empty spaces or creating a colorful edging may be Hemerocallis commonly referred to as Daylily.

There are an estimated 30,000 varieties of daylilies with over 4,000 readily available at nurseries and farms in the U.S. They have been produced in just about every color and range from very early to extra late blooming cycles. Hybridizers have achieved evergreen and deciduous types as well as dwarf and tall forms in an amazing choice of color and flower shape.

Once established, your Daylily border will return each year spreading gradually wherever allowed. We’ve even heard of folks wondering how to get rid of them because they are so hardy. Virtually pest free and in most areas deer-resistant they require no assistance other than water and a good garden location.

Five Great Sources

Bulb and Bloom went searching for some new sources for you and found some really exciting sites where a large number of plants are for sale online. Check them out.

1. Bloomingfields Farm: A member of the Connecticut Daylily Society and recommended as members of The American Hemerocallis Society. They stand out among producers because their growing methods are completely organic using no pesticides on the field grown Daylily plants. They are to be commended for safe-guarding the environment. The online site has beautiful photos and dozens of varieties are offered according to bloom cycle and color choice. Culture advice and news also.

2. Classy Groundcovers: If you are doing major landscaping, consider 50 daylily plant packs in 26 categories. The prices vary from $28.50 for Aztec Gold to the pink Little Business at $285.00. The older hybrids are usually much less costly than newer or more rare color novelties. The online site has a helpful zone finder.

3. Oakes Daylilies: Running a fun photo contest this year. You could win up to $200 in merchandise. Oakes ships full plants that are priced from $6 - $50 and they have a great selection on their easy to navigate site.

4. Gurney’s Daylilies: Has individual plants for as low as $4.95 also a big assortment of mixed dwarf daylilies for $24.95. This company also carries a” Native Daylily” described as a familiar plant from roadsides in the Mid-West and South. Whether this orange beauty is a true American native or just an antique that has gone wild is the stuff of garden folk-tales. Purists might research The American Hemerocallis web site.

5. White Flower Farm: If you’re not picky about names, a good bargain is offered by specific color category. The field grown unnamed mixes of up to 24 plants can cover 96 sq.feet with lush foliage and bright blooms in many shades of one color. They also sell individuals such as the prolific bloomer Apricot Sparkles.

Fascinating Fact:
Do you know what diamond dust is? It’s a sprinkling of glistening texture or the petals of daylilies giving the flowers a light reflecting sparkle.